• Creating and Managing a Diverse Portfolio of Initiatives
  • Developing Diverse and Uncommon Collaborations
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Everything we do depends on collaboration. The partnerships we forge provide funding support as well as expertise and resources to help us accomplish and expand our work. What we achieve collectively is far greater than that of any single organization.



The FNIH stands at the center of a broad portfolio of initiatives focused on shared goals: supporting the mission of the NIH and advancing biomedical science to improve lives. One of the most important functions the FNIH has is fundraising—without the ongoing support of our contributors, these initiatives would not be possible.

RESEARCH PARTNERSHIPS — We develop collaborations with top experts from government, industry, academia and the not-for-profit sector and provide
a neutral environment where we can work productively toward a common goal.
Examples include:

  • Portfolio Supporting NIH Research — Supporting and raising funds for multiple projects initiated by the NIH, while also convening the right partners within and outside of the NIH.
  • Global Health — Coordinating and operating 17 collaborative projects in 25 countries.
  • Biomarkers Consortium — Initiating and managing more than 20 projects funded with more than $50 million in private dollars, designed to develop and validate biological markers to support new drug development and patient care.

SYMPOSIA, EVENTS & EXHIBITS — We organize and facilitate more than 50 events each year, creating a forum for innovative thinkers in biomedical sciences to share ideas and engage the public in disease and health awareness.

FELLOWSHIPS & AWARDS — We provide funding for training for early-career scientists, along with support and recognition for researchers whose findings have advanced biomedical science.

PATIENT SUPPORT  — The FNIH helps support patient care activities and amenities that provide comfort and assistance to patients and their loved ones being treated at the NIH Clinical Center. For example, since its opening in 2005, the Edmond J. Safra Family Lodge has hosted more than 100,000 room nights for patients of the NIH Clinical Center and their families.